Hello, I'm Letta

I help amazing people make Soy Candles

It all started with a walking dead obsession...

If you're familiar with the AMC show, then you know that a group of people are navigating their way in a new world plagued by a zombie apocalypse. 

In my former life, I was a Marketing Director in diversified real estate. While watching the program, I began thinking "these marketing skills aren't going to translate into anything useful if there's a zombie apocalypse." 

So I figured I should start developing a set of skills that if I am lucky enough to survive, I could use in a post apocalypse world. 

No, the skill wasn't soy candles, the skill was creating enterprise. Soy candles are just a plus!

My vision was never to just create another candle company, it was to create a company where people could get together and share their passion for creating.