Join us and experience a hands-on, behind the scenes look at how we make our scented, soy-wax candles. Class participants will try their hand at every step of the scented candle-making process. After choosing a fragrance or mixing a few from a selection of our fragrance oils, each student will melt and mix the wax and oil, then pour a scented candle using your favorite fragrance.​


Please read through our policies before registering for a class:

Tickets are nonrefundable. 

1) Age limitations

Unless otherwise indicated, workshops at KSM Candle Co are designed for adults and children ages 15 and older.  Because our candle  workshops involve hot wax, and are intended for adults, we aim to create an adult friendly atmosphere. Please contact with any questions! 

2) Punctuality

Please plan to arrive on time so we can get started promptly. We won't be able to accommodate you if you are more than 10 minutes late and the class has already started. You can reschedule your workshop if the class you registered for was not full to capacity. If the class is full and you hold a seat and are unable to attend, your seat is forfeited and you will be unable to reschedule or receive a refund because we are unable to recoup the loss for that appointment. 

Once classes begin, no one will be able to answer calls, so please make sure you give yourself adequate time to find us. Please note we are a little challenging to locate if you are unfamiliar with the Mills in Clipper Mill. We are located in the Meadow Mill Building. We have an exterior entrance located on the same patio as the restaurant with the big white tent.

​If you are entering from the East entrance, after you cross over the bridge, turn left and come around to the other side of the building. Keep driving until you see the restaurant. 

If you are entering from the light rail side of the building, we are at the bottom of the ramp. On the patio with the big white tent.

3) Cancellation Policy

Purchases are non-refundable but are transferable.

4) Changing Class Dates

Once you have booked your appointment, if you wish to change the date, you will need to change the class within 48 hrs of your scheduled workshop. You can only reschedule up to 2 times. 

If a credit is issued for a workshop, you must use it within 60 days of the original date of purchase. 

5) Sharing a Candle Station

We ask that each person who attends a workshop has booked a seat in the class. We realize that some people may want to tag along to simply watch, however our workshop space can only accommodate a limited number of people. So no one should be in the workshop area unless they have purchased a ticket. 

6) Candle Pick-Up Option

You are free to hang out and wait for your candle to solidify enough for safe transport, this takes approximately 2 hrs after you pour your candle.  However, you can also choose to pick it up before the close of business or within 48hrs of completion. There are plenty of places to grab a bite or drink while you wait.

You can also have it shipped for a flat rate fee of $6.


Other things we want you to know: 

  • Workshops are typically 1 hour of instruction, the solidification process takes 2 hrs.

  • Currently, unless you are signed up for a private workshop, food and beverages are not permitted.

  • Workshops can accommodate up to 12 people.

  • There are plenty of places close by to grab a bite or a drink.


Properly worn Face masks are required while in the shop at all times. If you need to lower your facemasks to smell candles, that is fine. Please also use the hand sanitizer liberally.

While in the workshop properly worn face coverings are required. We continue to follow state and local guidelines and your continued safety is our top priority. 


​Tickets are nonrefundable. 

Please read through these policies before registering for our VIRTUAL workshop

Please note that shipping can take a while depending on where you are. It's recommended that you give yourself at least 7-10 business days between your order date and your workshop to make sure you get your kit in time. While we ship quickly, we cannot guarantee swift delivery from UPS. We ship from our studio in Baltimore MD. 


1) Punctuality

Please plan to arrive at your session on time so we can get started promptly. Sessions will be locked 5 minutes into the session to avoid any unwanted hacks into the workshop. Our devices will be on DO NOT DISTURB once the class session begins so we will be unable to accommodate you once the class starts. We will open the waiting room 5 minutes before the scheduled class begins so you can make sure to arrive on time.  

2) Cancellation Policy

All deposits are non-refundable but are transferable.  

3) Changing Class Dates

If you missed your scheduled class, please email us and so we can reschedule a date that works for you. We will reschedule your workshop as a courtesy for the 1st time, if you need to reschedule it again, there is a $5 fee.

4) Because all packages are mailed out, please make sure the addresses provided are accurate. If your package comes back undeliverable because the address was incorrect, we won't be able to reship the package until an extra shipping fee of $6 is paid. At that point, we cannot guarantee a timely delivery of your item. 

*Please note that if there are multiple people in your home, feel free to purchase an additional kit from our shop for those extra folks.