Tickets are nonrefundable but are transferable.

Face coverings, i.e. face masks are required at all times in the shop, this includes workshop. Both your mouth AND your NOSE must be covered. 

1) Punctuality

We cannot stress this enough, it is important that everyone arrives ON TIME to our workshop. We schedule our workshops with enough time to teach the class, and clean and sanitize the space between classes. We will allow a 10 minute grace period before we cancel your appointment. Please understand that when you register for a workshop you are removing a seat from the class and no one can register for that seat. If the class is full, no refund or credit will be issued for a missed session. 

2) Cancellation Policy

Tickets are nonrefundable but are transferable. If you can no longer attend the session, you can transfer your ticket to someone else. We will reschedule your session up to 1 time if contacted 48hrs before the class in order to give us enough time to fill the empty seat.

3) Pictures are welcome along with video, however, please do not video the instruction portion of the workshop.

4) Unless otherwise indicated, our workshops are designed for individuals 15 and older. 

5) Candles made in class have 3 pick up options:

    1. Pick up same day

    2. Pick up within 1 week. (If candles are not picked up within 1 week of the workshop, candles will be disposed of)

    3. Have candles mailed for a flat rate fee of $6




Tickets are nonrefundable. 


Workshop Policies

Please read through these policies before registering for our VIRTUAL workshop


Please note that shipping can take a while depending on where you are. It's recommended that you give yourself at least 5 business days between your order date and your workshop to make sure you get your kit in time. While we ship quickly, we cannot guarantee swift delivery from USPS. We ship from our studio in Baltimore MD. 

1) Punctuality

Please plan to arrive to your session on time so we can get started promptly. Sessions will be locked 5 minutes into the session to avoid any unwanted hacks into the workshop. Our devices will be on DO NOT DISTURB once the class session begins so we will be unable to accommodate you once the class starts. We will open the waiting room 10 minutes before the scheduled class begins so you can make sure to arrive on time.  


3) Cancellation Policy

All deposits are non-refundable but are transferable.  


4) Changing Class Dates

We’ve decided to keep our virtual sessions small so that people can engage with one another as well as the instructor, so our sessions fill up quickly. Requests to reschedule less than 1 week ahead of time doesn’t allow us the opportunity to refill the class you’ve held. 


5) Because all packages are mailed out, please make sure the addresses provided are accurate. If your package comes back undeliverable because the address was incorrect, we won't be able to reship the package until an extra shipping fee of $6 is paid. At that point, we cannot guarantee a timely delivery of your item. 


6) If you missed your session we offer a makeup session every other Saturday at 430p EST. The cost to register for this session is $5. You will not receive a workshop kit. You should have one from the class you missed. 

*Please note that if there are multiple people in your home, feel free to purchase an additional kit from our shop for those extra folks.