New Larger Size! We've discontinued our 12oz Candle Jar and have replaced them with our new 14oz Jar giving our customers close to 12 more hours of burn time!


Same formula and same design just more to enjoy! 


14 oz Soy Candle

  • Light your candle for as long as it takes for the entire top layer of your candle to completely melt. You want a melt pool to be about a ¼ in depth around the jar.

    This will do 2 things for you:

    This will make your fragrance as strong as it will be for that candle

    Every time your candle solidifies it will solidify evenly.

    Trim your wicks!

    Recommended height is ¼ of an inch (you can leave it slightly longer for the 1st light)

    Trimming your wicks will significantly reduce soote.