All natural, free of chemicals and dye face mask that you've been looking for! High quality hemp is lightweight, soft, breathable and comfortable to wear even when exercising or on a hot summer day.

With 3 layers with a pocket for a filter and 3-D shape, makes it highly breathable and protective.

One size fits most adults

Why a hemp mask should be your number one choice.

1. Hemp material is antimicrobial, naturally resistant to mold and mildew. Especially important when wearing something covering your nose and mouth.

2. Hemp fabric is odor resistant. Again, especially important when you are wearing something covering your mouth and nose!

3. Hemp becomes softer with each wear. Very important if you are going to be wearing your mask for hours at a time. You will be more likely to wear your mask if it is super comfortable and not causing abrasion to your delicate facial skin.

4. Hemp fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking. Masks made from synthetic material will not allow your face to breathe causing uncomfortable sweating. Gross! Hemp fabric adjusts to the temperature of your body (or in this case, face) and will keep you fresh and dry.

5. Hemp fabric is strong. You can wash your face mask repeatedly and it will maintain its shape and structure. You will have it for as long as you need it.

6. Hemp fabric is biodegradable. Disposable face masks are made from a synthetic material that is not biodegradable. Imagine the amount of waste that will be produced from the disposal of these masks worldwide? When we are told that face masks are no longer necessary, you can feel good in knowing that your hemp mask will biodegrade and not clog landfills for years and years.

Environmentally Sustainable

1400 gallons of water is roughly the amount it takes to produce one pound of cotton.
A thorough research study sheds light on data that about 3% of the total water used in agriculture consumption is for cotton. The world cotton production from 1997 to 2001 required 227 gigaliters of water (i.e.) 227,000,000 liters of water.
It is despairing to notice that countries that are the major producers of cotton are losing their freshwater resources and are looking at the complexities of desertification and habitat loss. Hemp, on the other hand, requires less than half the amount of water as cotton. Hemp plants grow faster and manufacturing of hemp fiber is faster than cotton. 
Hemp produces over 200% more fiber than cotton cultivated on the same land.  Pesticide use is a prerequisite for the processing of uninfected cotton fibers which may pose a risk to skin as well.
The possibility of pesticides being insufficiently removed before the manufacturing of face masks means that your skin can absorb these chemicals. With organic hemp face masks, pesticides are no longer a reason for concern and your skin will thank you later. 
Hemp face masks are a viable alternative for people who have chemical sensitivities or allergies and worry about potential chemicals in cotton face masks. Hemp face masks are as light as cotton and an environmentally-conscious substitute to their cotton counterparts. 

Mata Hemp Face Covering

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