Triple odor-neutralizing power of magnesium + charcoal + zinc ricinoleateBaking Soda-Free | Glides On Smooth | Normal + Sensitive SkinSoothing notes of Lavender harmonized perfectly with the invigorating scent of Spearmint. This yin-yang pairing complements each other for a delightfully refreshing experience.LAVENDER + SPEARMINTAwoken from a peaceful sleep where dreams are dancing with your deepest senses. Dream Catcher’s light + clean scent brings an all-day odor protection wrapped in freshly blooming florals.JASMINE + ROSEA blissfully clean, powder-crisp scent combined with just a hint of light floral aroma. This gentle embrace, along with Sal butter undertones, delivers effective odor protection through the day.FRESH POWDER + MELON + JASMINE

Natural Deoderant