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Beyond Failure


by Letta Moore


I'm often asked how I got started so I wanted to share this post with you that talks about my journey into Knits, Soy and Metal. I hope you enjoy.


If it wasn't for the seminar I went to on failure hosted by Creative Mornings/ Baltimore, I would not be here. I am by nature an excessive planner and tend to work my way from the beginning to the end of an idea all in my head, without ever once putting it into action. I realize that I was scared to fail. 


I didn't have any expectations when I went to the session, but walked away with something; a drive to just try.  One of the speakers said (and I'm paraphrasing) "Failure is only one spectrum on your journey unless you stop." That resonated with me and I use it as my mantra in taking risks now.


There was one more item I walked away with that I think I really needed to hear, another speaker said “be true to your process...whatever your process is”. I can be incredibly impulsive at times. I realize that when I am being impulsive, I tend to get things done. It's only when I plan things out that I can experience Analysis Paralysis. So when I was feeling impulsive about starting Knits, Soy and Metal, I jumped on that feeling and made it happen.


The amount of support that I have gotten along the way has been incredible and humbling. The only way I know how to return the generosity I have received thus far, is by paying if forward, which leads me to this post. I have decided to write a blog dedicated to the many questions I am asked along the way in hopes that it could serve as some motivation or even a guide for someone who might be on the fence and may need just a slight nudge.


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