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April is Earth Month

Join me for the month of April as I post creative ways to reuse those empty Candle Jars. Watch the journey on Instagram and get the recipes here!


First things first, to get your jars ready for reuse, make sure you clean them out. A bath of warm soapy water will do the trick. If you have any remaining wax in your jar, using a spoon or a butter knife to scrape it out will help. Make sure to dispose the wax in the trash can. You shouldn't dump wax down your drain. 

Removing the stickers can be a little more challenging. I used Goof Off. It's a great product to keep around the house. Once I sprayed on the solution, the sticker came off with no problems. (Try scoring the sticker before you spray the solution. Then let it sit for a little bit before you give it a scrub)



Building an Herb Garden

Materials you'll need:

1. Mason Jars 

2. Seeds

3. Pebbles

4. Organic Soil

5. Labels and Marker


First you'll want to add about an inch of pebbles to the bottom of your mason jar. Since you jar doesn't have any holes for drainage, the pebbles will work the same. Next, you can add the organic soil. Make sure you are closing any gaps between the soil and the pebbles. Once the soil is added, you can use your finger or a little stick to poke a hole into the middle. Add about a pinch of seeds to the hole and slightly cover with the soil. Now you can add your water. You won't need much, just enough to make sure your pebbles are wet.  

Set your jar in indirect sunlight and watch your herb garden grow!





Making a Room Spray

Materials you'll need:

1. 3/4 cup water (I use tap water, but distilled is fine too).

2. Tablespoons vodka, rubbing alcohol, or real vanilla extract

3. One of the essential oil combinations below:


Citrus Mint 

10 drops orange essential oil

8 drops peppermint essential oil


Lavender Chamomile

10 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops chamomile essential oil

Use 2 tablespoons of real vanilla extract in place of the 2 tablespoons of vodka.



5 drops orange essential oil

5 drops lemon essential oil

5 drops lime essential oil

5 drops grapefruit essential oil


Lavender Bergamot

10 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops bergamot essential oil


Combine all ingredients and shake well! You can also purchase the spray bottle lid here.

Remember to handle essential oils with care. Do not apply directly to skin undiluted. 



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